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Ferrets Rays of Hope

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Welcome! About Us

At this time we are currently maxed out with ill ferrets and currently UNABLE to accept anymore for hospice care. 

Ferrets Rays of Hope is a mother-daughter rescue for all ferrets in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Though it is a mother-daughter rescue, it has become a family affair and even the youngest family members take delight in loving on each individual personality that comes through our doors.

  Here is a place where ferrets can come to seek the attention that they need. Many ferrets that we rescue are ill, abused, neglected, or on rare occasions their owners are no longer able to care for them and out of compassion and great love for their ferrets they bring them to us.

Each ferret that we rescue recieves a full medical check up from Dr. Aaron T. Stachmus at Brookwood Animal Clinic. Dr. Stachmus treats the ferrets as if they were a member of his personal family and has always shown great compassion for all our animals and us as well.
If a ferret is found to be terminal or have special needs, it will not be rehomed.  It will remain with us until its demise.  Also, if two or more ferrets come in that have been together, they will not be separated, they will be rehomed together.

To date we have rescued more ferrets than we can count and we have even paid full price at a pet store for a ferret knowing that she was terminally ill. The theory we had when purchasing Ivory was for her final days to be spent in a loving home and not in a cage locked away without the hands on attention needed. 

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Ferrets Rays of Hope is a
Place where ferrets can come
to seek the attention that they need.