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Ferrets Rays of Hope

The Four Musketeers

The Four Musketeers
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Stories and Pictures on a Few of Our Ferrets
    (these are our keepers-not for rehoming)

At this time we are currently maxed out with ill ferrets and currently UNABLE to accept anymore for hospice care. 


    Rascal was rescued from a pet store. Upon our arrival on a hot summer day we found him sitting in the window with no food or water. Rascal had been neglected both physically and emotionally. He is now very healthy  and loves to explore. If he thinks we have failed to give him enough attention then he will begin to nip our toes in an attempt to gain our approval for play time. 

Mr. Binx

Mr. Binx was a saved from being euthanized. His previous owners had decided that they no longer wanted him and he had already been re-homed three times before coming to us. Due to having an unstable past, he was very distrusting and fearful. He is now one of the most loving and playful ferrets that we have rescued and loves to confiscate any shoes in his site. He even attempts to take them off your feet! Mr. Binx was the first ferret to win Dads heart.  Until he came along, they were rats, now Binx is His Ferret!!  You will see them running through the house and up and down the hall, chasing each other. If Dad ignores Mr. Binx when he is out, he will promptly nip Dad on his ankle to get his attention.


Sassy came to our home blind. Her blindness is a birth defect; however, it does not slow her down at all. When we first recieved Sassyfrass we had to go to great lengths to make sure there was no scent of food on us, unless we wanted her to try and eat our hands. She quickly established that she is the queen of the roost and is not one to be reckon with; however, she is also the first one to try and care for a new baby whether it is a kitten, puppy, or even human. She will clean them and mother them in every way. Sassy is a true momma to all animals that are not on her food chain.


Snoopy suffers from a back injury due to unknown reasons. He went from being laid back to our bully. Though he gets along and plays well with his pen mates (Mr. Binx, Rascal, and Sassy) he does not play nicely with the rest of our furry family. Snoopy is the leader and loves to instigate. He is very witty and irresistible.