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Ferrets Rays of Hope


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A brief guide to our adoption policy

If you wish to adopt a ferret as a new family member through our rescue; please fill out the application avaible on this website and email it back to us.
Please note that if we have received multiple ferrets, they will not be separated.  They must be rehomed together.  We feel that it is very important to keep the ones that have been together, together.

We do REQUIRE a vet refrence and we will only rehome a healthy ferret. All ferrets available for adoption have been examined by our vet, are up to date on all their shots, and if they are over the age of two they have had blood work to test their sugar. Also, each ferret available for adoption has proven to be amicable.

Due to the cost involved with the medical care alone, we do charge an adoption fee of $100.00 per ferret to help re-coop a partial of the expenses that we have endured. The adoption fee is not an effort for us to "make money" in any way.

We will not rehome a ferret as a gift for a third party. If you are adopting a ferret as a gift for a loved one, then the recipient must have full knowledge and fill out the adoption application.

We also reserve the right to follow up at anytime on any ferret that is rehomed through Ferrets Rays of Hope.