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Ferrets Rays of Hope

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Adoption Application
Adoption Agreement
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Please read carefully. Upon approval of re-homing this form will need to be completed. 

Adoption Agreement
Pet(s) Name: ______________________________Breed:______________________________
Color & Description:____________________________________________________________
Sex: _________________ Age: ___________________ Altered: ________________________
Remarks: _____________________________________________________________________________
Adopters Name: ________________________________ Phone: ________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State: __________________ Zip: _________
Drivers License Number: _______________________________________________________
1. _______I understand that Ferrets Rays of Hope cannot guarantee the health, temperament or training of the above described animal, and hereby release Ferrets Rays of Hope from all liability once the animal is in my possession. I understand that I am solely responsible for any future health care expenses. If a health problem develops during the first 10 days, I will notify Ferrets Rays of Hope to discuss the matter.
2. _______I understand that any animal could bite or hurt someone and once they are in my control, I am responsible.
3. _______I understand that only neutered or spaded animals are released for adoption from Ferrets Rays of Hope; therefore, if the above animal is not already neutered for medical reasons, I agree to have it neutered.
4. _______I agree to provide the adopted animal with the necessary inoculations at the intervals advised by my vet.
5. _______I agree to have a safe, secure area for the ferret, and the shelter from the elements. The adopted animal will not be tied or chained.
6. _______If for any reason I cannot keep the adopted pet, I agree to notify Ferret Rays of Hope and return the animal to said rescue.
7. _______I agree not to abuse or neglect the adopted animal.
8. _______Adoption fees are non-refundable.
Signature of adopter_______________________________________________________
Signature of "Ferrets Rays of Hope" representative___________________________________